Season tickets will be on a 12 month rolling basis.

We are limiting the membership to 45 gold tickets only.

From 1st January 2020

GOLD – Fish Toms.
AS FROM JANUARY 1st 2020 the price is £350 + £20 joining fee.[£270+ £20 for 65+]

There is  a £20 joining fee for all new members and those existing members who’s ticket has elapsed by more than 10 days.

SILVER – Fish Puppy and Long lake only. No night fishing. £150.00+£10 joining fee [130.00 for 65+]
All members fishing Long or Puppy Lake must have an unhooking mat with sides. Please see notice board at Hall Walk.

HALL WALKS FISHERY MEMBERSHIP     There is a waiting list of approximately 9 months+ (For Gold tickets) at the moment. Phone or email for further enquires regarding membership.

After reading the rules and you would like to join Hall Walk, then please fill in the membership-form return it to:

Mrs J Mack, The White House,The Common,Brandston,Norwich,NR10 4PF

Please include:

1.A cheque made out to “Hall Walk Fishery”. Or you can pay by cash or Bacs. sort code 20-28-20  acc. number 63267652

2. A stamped address envelope.

3. Two passport type photos.(a good “selfie” will suffice)


phone 07555948002