1. All anglers must have their membership card or guest ticket with them before they start fishing.

2. All vehicles must park in the designated car parks

3. All anglers must have their own 20 inch+ landing net. NO SHARING

4. All anglers must have their own padded unhooking mat. NO SHARING

5. Barbless hooks only.                  Two  Rods per angler.

6. No keep nets(unless prior permission given) or carp sacks permitted on any of the lakes

7. Strictly no rods to be left unattended or in the care of another angler

8. No fixed rigs (any weights, feeders or floats tie permanently to the line)

9. All fish to be returned to the swims where they were caught

10. Never hold a fish with a cloth or stand up and walk whilst holding a fish

11. All litter to be taken home when you leave

12. Each angler over 18 may bring one non fishing guest during the day only

13. Fishing from designated swims only

14. No fires or cutting of any trees or vegetation

Additional rules for Tom’s Lake

1. Each angler must have a 36 inch+ specimen landing net (no pan nets)

2. Each angler must have a carp cradle

3. No under 18 is allowed to fish

4. Maximum of 3 rods per angler

5. No poles

6. No bait boats

7. No more than 1 bivvy per angler

8. No guests to stay overnight, without prior permission

Pike fishing

Treble hooks are NOT allowed as Hall Walks  promotes  the use of single hooks.

The biggest reason for pike deaths is the mishandling and the unhooking of them.

As from January 1st 2017 single hooks will be compulsory while dead baiting.

No trebles are allowed.

If any angler feels that he cannot abide by ALL the rules then perhaps Hall Walk is not for you.


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